Growing big
brains + hearts
through play

For us, the building blocks of a brighter future are all fun and games! If we want to nurture clever, creative and compassionate grown-ups, we need to foster those qualities while they’re still little — and the most effective (and fun) way to do that is through play.

A Few Good Toys is a curated collection and community dedicated to making quality toys that foster healthy child development available for ALL. 



We hand-pick and hand-test toys that spark your child's sensorial, physical, social, creative and intellectual development by exposing them to a world of endless possibilities.



We want to help you help your little one grow into their best self. To do that, we thoroughly research the developmental science and theories behind every toy we consider. 



Your finances shouldn’t limit your kid’s fun — or future. Our pay-what-you-can business model means whether or not you can pay a lot, your kid can play a lot!



Our toys are built safe, sustainable and sturdy so that when your little sprout outgrows them, you can feel good giving them to your next child or another family for more wonder and less waste.



We want to foster individuality and inclusivity. By representing a variety of shapes, shades and sizes, our toys empower your child to celebrate their uniqueness, while opening their hearts and minds to others around them.