Behind The Toys

👋🏼 Hi! My name is Stacy Gagnidze (Gag-need-zeh) — It’s a mouthful I know. 

I started A Few Good Toys because I believe that the key to a better tomorrow is kids having access to great toys and quality playtime today. I’m so lucky to spend my days digging deep into the magic of childrens brains and plotting ways to get amazing toys into the hands of all kids. Some days I feel like Santa 2.0. 

I’m proud to say as an adult I haven’t lost my love for play. You can see me performing regularly at the Montreal Improv Theatre.  My kitchen is my lab. There you’ll find a few good (kitchen) toys that help me make everything from colourful shaved salads to exotic ice creams.

If you want to get in touch just drop me a line at

Thanks for stopping by!