How A Few Good Toys Got Its Start

"How is it that every year since the recession, America’s wealthiest 1% have made more than the cost of all U.S. social programs combined?"

"How is it that 40% of kids use iPads before they can speak, but only 3% of students in high-poverty schools have the digital tools necessary to complete their homework?"

"How is it that women make up well over half the labour force in the US, yet only 5.8% of women hold CEO positions inS&P 500 companies — That’s 29 women out of 500 CEOs!"

"How is it that by 2050 there will be more plastic than fish in the sea, but we’re currently only protecting 3% of our marine life?"

"How is it that 6 out of 10 girls are so concerned with the way they look that they’re holding themselves back from participating in important life activities?"

For the past four years, these are the types of questions I’d fill my days thinking about, researching and trying to solve. I worked for a new breed of advertising agency — one that had a soul and determination to make the world better. We fought for a lot of good stuff: women’s equality and empowerment, better health systems, water preservation, justice for minority groups, ending food waste, technological equality etc. etc. We worked with companies big and small across all sorts of industries in tech, fashion, cosmetics, food, entertainment to tackle these social issues. 

But somewhere along the way I realized that by trying to solve lots of different problems, my personal impact was being spread thin. By trying to solve everything, I was actually solving nothing.

So I asked myself a tough question: “What would be the ONE major way I could contribute to a better world?” Enter A Few Good Toys.  

Hi 👋🏼  I'm Stacy! 

Hi 👋🏼  I'm Stacy! 

Change takes time — a really long time. For example, The UN doesn’t expect the world to reach gender equality until 2095. That’s why it’s important that there’s a constant stream of people who are open-minded, creative, smart, and compassionate working towards a better world. I want to make sure we have those types of individuals down the road.

To get there, I found the most effective (and fun) way would be at the intersection of children and play. After all, play is practice for adult life and helps develop some of the brains most important functions. So if we want a future with grown ups with big brains and hearts, we can start with fostering today’s potential for tomorrow’s impact. 

Delving into the world of toys, I found something that really irked me. Toys of great quality made with safe and sustainable materials cost just short of an arm and a leg. This means that the toys that act as a positive force for child development only let one group of kids advance - ones from an affluent background. I thought of all the low-income families that don’t get access to these amazing toys, and I realized it’s holding a big portion of kids back from their full potential. So I’m setting out to get all kids on the same playing field from the very start. 

A Few Good Toys is a curated collection and community. We’re dedicated to pulling together amazing toys that do wonders for child development and bringing people together to share the wealth in affording them. By giving people the option of pay-what-you-can, we’re empowering those who can give more help offset the costs of those who aren’t in the same position. 

While we get ready to launch our shop, keep checking in with our blog and social channels (InstagramFacebook) for amazing content, intel and brands in the child development & play space!

Lets do this 💪🏼

- Stacy Gagnidze, Founder & CEO